WICKED problem idea

For my program’s Wicked Problem Project, I am asked to identify a problem in my workplace that I want to address through the TPACK framework. Here is what I have so far…

I am interested in addressing the lack of cohesive communication I feel at my school. I see three particular gaps I would like to fill:

  • Communication with students about class work, assignments, discussion boards, connecting different sections of the same class, etc.
  • Communication with parents about upcoming due dates, events, and activities, as well as ways they can get involved.
  • Communication with colleagues about the programs I either run or am involved in, as well as for other teachers to see what I am doing, easing the possibility of cross-curricular experiences.

My idea is to develop a professional website that could begin to address these problems successfully. While my school provides each teacher with websites, it is not ideal, as each hour gets its own site, meaning I have 6 sites to maintain. I would like to develop a site that could reach all 6 classes I teach, with all 3 preps, as well as provide a location for communication with parents and colleagues.

I was inspired to address this problem after seeing 2 things: the TAPS videos by Miriam Taylor, and Erin Klein’s classroom website.

As of right now, here is how I see each component separately in the TPACK framework:


  • Supplemental materials
  • Online assignments and discussions
  • Reminders of assignments and due dates
  • Connect different sections of the same class
  • A deeper focus on topics


  • Contact with students, parents, colleagues
  • Visual and hands-on organization of information
  • Connecting students to learning outside of school
  • Options for differentiation


  • Use of a website and the internet for educational purposes
  • Improve understanding and experiences through technological tools
  • Means of communication anywhere
  • Access at home to me and my class

I am interested in any and all feedback!! Thanks, PLN and MAET colleagues!


4 responses to “WICKED problem idea

  1. I think your idea sounds great! Our school websites are very generic and not that user-friendly. I have been thinking of creating my own that I can control and have more flexibility with after being a part of this course. I think students and parents will benefit from this. You just need to really “push” this site on them. I have found some parents don’t really like going online and checking up on their students even though it can be very beneficial. I think you will just need to illustrate how useful/helpful the site will be!

  2. Kuddos to you for picking such a tough problem. I can agree with your concern over communication. We tried to tackle this last year. The teachers have really come around to the idea. They update their blogs daily and check in to verify parent participation. Tough stuff, good luck!

  3. This is something I wish and hope my school streamlines. Some teachers have websites but nothing is collected on a single location (website) for parents to locate. Parents are more willing to check in online if it is quick and easy….maybe even add an after-school parent enrichment class to teach basics of twitter, the website, etc.

  4. Hi Annie,
    Your problem is similar to Luke’s – did you check his wicked problem post?

    My thoughts about to your question revolve around a good Course Management System (CMS – e.g., Edmodo, Moodle, etc.). Edline is my school’s official CMS platform, and I update it with our class activities daily. Many students in our school check class pages daily, while most others check Edline at least every few days. A nice thing about Edline is that our gradebook is accessed through it (so students and parents have a need to visit the site) and it has a functionality that allows me to message all my students and their parents.

    I use Edline to sen out important Email updates about field trips, major tests, or any other important issues that come up. Good luck finding a CMS that meets your needs.

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